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Very pretty looking. I like how atmospheric the music gets and the animation feels so natural.

Great animation. Top-notch voice acting. Awesome concept. What's not to love about this movie? Well done. I can only imagine how long it took to put this all together.

Really well done. I especially like how you kept it in the style of old picture film. Really fit the theme of the animation. Not sure what was up with the after-credits scene though. Overall, good solid work.

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Very scrappy and not well-thought out. I will give you that the concept is clever. However, the design is too generic and boring. Also maybe you should consider the use of sound next time

Good game. I like the creative concept of switching dimensions. And the music is very delightful. Well done!

Not very good, but I'll admit it wasn't completely bad. Perhaps some music would help make it more lively. Also, maybe a title screen would help as well. If this is your first game don't sweat it too much.

CheggyBoy responds:

I agree, music can help a game more lively, but It's not my top priority right now because i'm pretty early in game development.

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Pretty sick track. I like the sleek funk-rock feel to the tune. And it's got a groove that never lets up too.

Hopefully there's more to come soon!

Sounds good. I could imagine myself playing a racing game and hearing this in the background. Good job.

Your work always impresses me. Is that dubstep I hear in the background? Because that fits in just fine.

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Holy Smokes, this is tight

Even by most critical art standards I have to say this is marvelously impressive. You really took the time to pay attention to detail and character design.

Definitely has a shot at winning this Pico Day art contest.

Very well drawn and detailed

It is art like this that compels me to expand upon my own sense of creativity. Just looking at it is like living in another world.

Unbelievably creative

This is a really neat piece of artwork. I really love the idea of depicting words as human organs for some strange reason.

Yeah, I've been around here for quite some time now. Plenty of experience to go around.

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